Review of BellaCelle Skin Cream

Surveys have shown that 9 out of 10 skin care specialists recommend that one should apply a skin care cream to take care of the skin. This is because otherwise our skin comes in contact with a lot of harmful chemicals in this modern age. These harmful chemicals harm our skin in uncountable ways, which makes it lose it sheen and strength. That is one of the main reason people in urban areas seem to age faster than the people who live in rural areas. Because the people of urban areas are always living in a polluted environment which has a lot of artificial and dangerous chemicals in the air at all times. One should use a good skin care cream that can reverse the bad effects of such chemicals. Today we review one such cream.

The BellaCelle eye care serum is a unique blend of natural ingredients that works together to help improve your skin health. It is made from totally natural ingredients, which have been picked up because how good they are for the skin. The advanced formula in the BellaCelle cream is proven to reverse the aging process. It features the Biofil Derman Lifting Hydrospheres, which combined with the patented QuSome release specific compounds that penetrate the skin and improve hydration even at the lower levels of the skin. The Biofil Hydrospheres will retain water that is lost by a layer called stratum corneum, in the process called Transepidermal Water Loss ( TEWL). Since these compounds absorb water, not unlike a sponge, they expand the skin, with the result that wrinkles are reduced and your skin is hydrated.

In a scientific study featuring BellaCelle skin cream, a number of women were studied who applied BellaCelle cream regularly. It was found that up to 84% of the participants of the study saw a reduction in their wrinkles after only 8 weeks of use of the cream. It was also seen that 95% of participants in study saw an increase in collagen production. Collagen is a substance produced in the skin, which tightens our skin, and thereby reduces wrinkles. And it was also seen that up to 73% of participants saw a reduction in the appearance of dark circles around their eyes. Overall, the study showed that this cream is very effective in removing a number of problems for skin. Without using any expensive surgery, you can start to look younger and youthful, after applying this cream for just a few weeks.

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